Moodle: Backup and Restore Course

It’s almost the beginning of a new semester and you need to prepare for it. If you use Moodle you can import your course either on the same system or separate system. Here is a tip on how to use “Backup” and “Restore”.

1. Go to “Backup”. You need to be careful about selecting “Include enrolled users”. If you don’t select this item, the user-related data won’t be backed up. Forum is a good example. The post won’t be backed up and restored if the user information is not included. If you like, the user name can be hidden by selecting “Anonymous user info”.

2. The backup up course can be restored by using “Restore” function. If you restore inside the Moodle system, use just “restore”. If not, download the file and upload it to other Moodle system.

3. There are 3 possibilities for restoring. You can restore to a totally new course,  current course, and currently backed up a course like the main course (with current course importing).

4. As mentioned earlier. The forum post won’t be appearing if user information is not included.

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