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This is a video manual for the new Tubestory. The voice is Korean, but the English and Spanish subtitles are provided. Any correction for the Spanish subtitles is welcomed.
Now, this is about how the Menu is constructed and how it can be generally used.

Tutorial 1: The menu structure of Tubestory (Korean with English and Spanish subtitles)

Tutorial 2: The general use of Tubestory (Korean with English and Spanish subtitles)

——– Please, ignore the following contents, which are  about the old version –

Vimeo provide high resolution video service. OKMindmap tutorials are made on Vimeo service. You can directly move to the subject by clicking the link of each specific subject. You are recommended to follow the whole step continuously for total service.

Video Tutorial for Beginners

1. How to input test
2. How to input image
3. How to input url
4. How to input video
5. How to embed a web page

Video Tutorial for Intermediate Users

6. How to convert to web presentation
7. How to share a map
8. How to use mobile
9. How to embed in blog
10. How to use it local

Go to beginner’s tutorial
Go to intermediate tutorial

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