Free practical voice recognition

As computing power increases, voice recognition technology has been also advanced. Writing document using voice recognition technology is available for practical usage. But it seems to me not many people know about this fact. The video below shows that you can use computer for voice recognition, and help you to increase your work performance a lot.The video is bi-lingual, be patient.

Basically many voice recognition program use google technology. Even few years ago you have to train your voice recognition software to increase correct recognition rate higher. But now you can use the voice recognition program, which you don’t care about the different user. You can configure many different languages in the software, which means this technology can be used even for language learning. Once before I show you how to use mobile phone voice recognition. In desktop you can use chrome app “Dictanote” to make a document. I think you can document at least 3 times faster by using voice recognition technology than hand typing. i hope you have better performance in your business using this technology. Also “Dicatnote” provide free version.

The below video is for mobile voice recognition setting. Sorry for the language. I will add English caption someday.

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