Use MOOC for my class with captioning

Flip Learning is really an issue today. Flip Learning is just a branch of blended leaning to my viewpoint. What is important is to understand the learning as an integration of different activities. Whether the video comes front or tail is not that important. The active interaction is the key factor.

The usage of video is also important. You can do it either by face to face or by you recorded video. Even you can use other people’s video for your teaching. MOOC is a treasure for that case. I decided to use java MOOC class in Udacity. But the language is unfortunately English. Here is the MOOC site I found. (Sorry not English captioned yet)!/c-cs046

I am sure that my students won’t like it. So I captioned it for Korean. How did I do it. Take a look at the video below. (Yes, this video is English captioned)

One other thing for sure is that my students won’t watch the video previous to the class. So, I will do it on my class time. I will also add Google survey for quiz, Moodle quiz, OKMindmap activity, and SNS interaction. I will use Moodle and reference the MOOC resource.

How will be the learning effect? I am also very curious about it. Let’s wait until the end of this semester.

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