Google Hangout, on Air: How to use it for my case (SNL)

Google service is great. Once, I was able to upload videos for free. Now it is possible to do video conferencing for free. In addition to that, the online broadcasting is also free. It is said the competency of Korea is the lowest among OECD member countries. I assume that it is because of inefficient social atmosphere in the old regime and communication problem. I heard that officials of Sejong government spends most of their time in KTX. What a waste of time and human resource.

When I visited Canada in 2000, the inviting professor was spending most of his time on Internet conference. South Korea has a much better infrastructure now, but it does not seem that it is taking good advantage of it. So, I thought if we can show the effective and interactive educational methods that share good convenient and useful information, it will be a very meaningful activity. One good thing is that I am serving as a vice president of Smart Education Society. I can take advantage of that position to get some help of teachers. I hope this interactive webinar (We named it Sumart Night Live: SNL) from 21:30 on every Wednesday can contribute to show how efficiently and effectively we can share and propagate useful knowledge. This weekly event will be broadcasted and video archived. The following video is a second masterpiece of the Sumart Night Live broadcasting record. (Sorry the language is Korean)

If you have a Google account, you can use freely up to 10 people a remote video conferencing using Google’s Hangout service. By using the Google On Air service, it will be lively broadcasted more than 10 people. Also, after broadcasting time, the recorded vodep will remain in Google’s YouTube. Content below is the second of the recorded contents. You can see the site url
is on the video screen. Youtube video allows url embedding on screen.

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