eLearning standard


Even though I am a member of Korean ISO/IEC sc36 committee member, I am very skeptical about the eLearning standard effectiveness. There are so many standards related to eLearning. So, I really liked to sort these standards out by categories of contents, solution, and service.

I also categorised them as pure eLearning standard, web standards, and process & quality.

My recommend is Moodle users don’t have to worry about standard that much. Already Moodle contents (activities & resources of courses) can be imported and exported to each different Moodle server. As you know, there are quizzes in Moodle as a activity, too. When I consulted a country which is using Moodle mostly, they sticked to the eLearning standard obsessively. I would like to say, “Don’t worry about too much about eLearning standard, if you  are using Moodle”

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