Jumping rope with Xiaomi

You know that the exercise is very good for your health, but it is very hard to do it regularly when the schedule gets busy. I used to play basketball when I was young in United States. I can go to a gym and can play with anybody in the basketball court. it is very hard to find people or teams like that in Korea. I also like to swim, but when it gets cold it is tough to get in the cold water for a skinny like me, and also take a long time taking showers for In-N-Out.

As a matter of fact, the reason I don’t like to swim in Korea is rudeness of swimmers. Whenever I go to swimming pool. Some of Korean swimmers usually pass the others without notice, or seems like to enjoy to cut in at the turning point after waiting the others to approach. When I swim in US, if someone like to pass the other swimmer at the front, they usually touch the other one’s foot, and the front swimmer yields at the turning point of the lane. I think Korean swimmers are too much accustomed to competition from their young days and do the same when they swim too.

So my final choice is jumping rope. You can do it when it rains, snows, and winds. Especially when you use Xiaomi band which allows you too check you’r sleeping pattern, calorie consumption for your walking activity per day, and alarming of app’s notice by vibration. This is my video for how to use Xiaomi band for jumping rope. I just need to concentrate on jumping, not necessarily bothering for jumping rope counting.

The other pleasure is using turnin apps, which is very useful to listen radio stations or podcasts. At that moment, I was listening Argentina Spanish FM radio station. I am very diligent in learning Spanish these days to visit Latin America for my sabbatic.

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