Mahara and Moodle

There is a growing interest in portfolio. In Korea, we usually consider portfolio as simple archival of personal achievement. But Mahara is an open source eportfolio system with various useful functions.

First of all, Mahara support  to create artifacts,  which is a unit component for portfolio, and this artifact can be combined to produce portfolios. The portfolios can be shared with the group generated in Mahara or other access mechanism.  Especially when it is used with Moodle,  the file in Moodle or a Moodle Forum post can be exported as an artifact to Mahara. In this case, a button appear in in Moodle screen to  export Moodle artifact to Mahara, when the two system is integrated successfully.

Portfolio in Mahara can be considered a home page in a simple way. This portfolios can be configured to be accessed by special Mahara group, publicly by any body, or password protected for special access. So, the portfolio can be used as a resume of company application, teaching resources, personal record management, or even a blog. Moodle manages class but Mahara manages personal or institutional informations. Using these two system in harmonized way will improve your productivity and ICT competency. Here is a video for conceptual understanding.

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