There is something special about Minerva.

I recently had the opportunity to interview Ben Nelson, CEO of Minerva. Ben Nelson, the president of a successful venture company, was able to confirm that he started his business with his vision and insight in education. The reminder is that Minerva does not invest in gyms, buildings, or school properties. Minerva has invested to develop a good curriculum, recruited good professors, and developed instruction models using good teaching tools.

One of the special program about Minerva’s education is that students visit the seven countries in order to have a contextual knowledge to acquire practical knowledge, and to provide experiences to confront and solve problems in new environments. If you are in education sector, I think this is something you should see.

Ben Nelson at the 2017 Korean eLearning conference video taped.

There was a press conference after the Ben’s presentation, and I went in and joined. It was later published out as an EBS article.

EBS article

Personally I was interested in the Minerva system, so I took a personal interview with Ben after the press conference. It was my honour to interview him.

Ben Nelson had published a book in Minerva a month  later. This is a good resource to learn more about Minerva’s educational philosophy and tools.

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