Moodle: Completions, badges, and competencies

Recently learning analysis is attracting much attention. In fact, I think there is no better tool than Moodle in analysing learning. Moodle has three ways to manage learners’ learning status.

  • All of Moodle’s activities and resources can be completed on an individual basis
  • By using the Moodle badge function, the badge can be awarded on the combined conditions of the completion of these individual activities and resources
  • By using the competency function, you can achieve an unit of competency also with the various combinations of each completion conditions.

Let’s take a closer look at each one. Please refer to the figure below.

1. Activity or resource completion function of Moodle

Moodle can assign completion conditions for each activity or resource. For example, in the case of a quiz activity, the criterion score can be criteria for completion, in the case of a forum “posting 3 posts” can be a completion criteria.

2. Badge function of Moodle

In Moodle, you can award badges in combination with the completion conditions of each activity and resource. For example, you can award a badge if you have more than 3 posts on a forum and score 80 or more on the quiz. Of course, depending on the completion conditions, it is also possible for the manager to present the badge to a specific user manually. There are two types of badges: classroom badge and Moodle site badges. Course badges refers to activity and resource completion and Moodle site badges refers to course completion. Please refer to the following video for Moodle completion status and badges.

3. Moodle competency

In Moodle, you can create your own competency maps. These maps are called competence frameworks and can be used in both individual course or entire site. In individual course, you can also use a combination of activities as a competency completion condition. In the entire site competence, you can complete the competency by using the course completion condition. Of course, it is also possible for an administrator to directly evaluate and manually acknowledge the competency.

Please refer to the following video for Moodle competency.

Th following video is more about Moodle Analytics. Moodle’s event monitoring function is killer function for personalised learning to look after.

Link to Moodle event moniotoring

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  1. When would you use Badges and when would you use Competencies? The functions look like they overlap a lot so it’s not always clear when to use one and when to use the other

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