OKMindmap course format for Moodle

Moodle allows each course to change the appearance of a course by changing the setting, called the “course format”. The most popular course formats are “topic course format” and “weekly course format”. The “topic course format” sees each section as one topic and the “weekly course format” sees each section as a week’s content. In the case of a weekly course format, the date of the section will be displayed on a weekly basis from the start date  to the end date of the course.

The complaint that Moodle’s GUI may largely due to the various activities and resources that have been put into place in the course. We need to change these course format so that we can see them in an effective and intuitive way, so we have created the OKMindMap course format. MindMap is an innovative knowledge representation technology that can express knowledge creatively, intuitively, and implicitly. The effectiveness of these mind maps has been known for a long time, and the way to create mind maps through software has become popular. OKMindmap has taken a leading role in the way that many people collaborate and collaborate easily with full web browser standard technology. This OKMindmap function is implemented in the course format.

The instructor can create the section and activities by mind map format, and describe the activity of the course as additional information. In addition to adding new learning activities on the mind map, you can rearrange, delete, and comment on learning activities. This OKMindmap course format also transferred to the learners in the same mind map format, so if learners click on the specific learning activity link, the learner will naturally be connected to the learning activities of Moodle. The video below explainsOKMindMap course format in detail.

You can download OKMM course format plugin here.

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