How I make a newsletter using voice recognition and Google translate

I have been working in the field of e-learning for a long time and have been publishing e-learning newsletters. When I had time, I published twice a week, and when I was busy I skipped for a few months, but the task of publishing an e-learning newsletter was a good opportunity to sort out the knowledge I know. We have been able to utilize the advancing technology to deliver more articles faster, and we are using speech recognition technology and Google translation to publish newsletters.

If you prefer, please go for Korean Article.

It’s possible to use speech recognition as an application directly in Chrome, and we use dictanote. The accuracy is pretty high, and the user interface looks good on its own. Korean articles written in this way are translated into English using Google Translator. In the past, the accuracy of Google Korean translator was not so good, so I mentioned that translating Korean into Japanese in Japanese and then translating Japanese into English will improve accuracy. But now, even if you do a direct English translation, sentences will come out well. Of course, through the poisonous process, it is necessary to take a close look at a few misused words, but this does not take much time. Please refer to the video below for reference. This article, which you see now, was written this way.

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