Padlet view and iframe node of OKMindmap

A new feature in OKMindmap of Padlet-like view has been added. This feature can be used effectively in harmony with iframe node function of OKMindmap. Generally, when you create a mind map, the branches expands, creating a shape in which the nodes continue to diverge. Sometimes we need to be able to put a note on the post where we like it to be placed. The Padlet service is already available on the Internet and can be accessed with the service.

It was my idea to pursue a variety of usability from one source for many usage, which is called OSMU.  I thought that it would be possible to make a mind map can be converted to a padlet view, so I added the function of changing mind map view to Padlet view. In the Padlet view screen, it is possible to set the nodes in desired area and divide the screen flexibly. The nodes can be put into the i-frame post to put various internet services.

For example, putting a video conference with Web RTC allows you to work with OKMindmap as a visual communication tool. In addition, it is possible to insert Google documents into the iFrame node, to insert the PPT of the slide share service, or to insert collaboration drawings. The videos below illustrate these tasks.

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