2018 World cup Korea vs. German

Korea beat Germany 2-0 in the World Cup. Although we have not been able to go up to the round of 16, I can not help saying Korean players did a good job. Germany is ranked number one in world soccer, so it seems to be more meaningful result than advance to the next round of 16. I am very sorry that they have not been able to play in such a way from the beginning.

The country’s competitiveness seems to be proportional to the system transparency. It looks like watching huge barriers of regionalism and academic attention as I watch the behaviours of Korean Football Association decision making process. I think this is a nation-wide problem that is so prevalent both in my e-learning and education. I wish that the spirit of sports, which is recognized only as a capacity and fair play to be applied to our system. The following video is a scene in which Son Heung Min dribbles over 50 meters and scores in the last few minutes of his last game against Germany.

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