Making your own eBook

It is a burden to carry a lot of luggage because there are many places to visit. With one notebook computer, one pad, and a few books, my bag-pack is already full. It would be convenient to have eBooks rather than paper books. Of course because of my ageing eyes also ask me some thing to do. I made up my mind to convert my books to eBooks and there are several ways to do it on Internet.

There is a way to take pictures using apps like Pantascan. I do not have the talent to make stable scan out of it. The best way for me seems to load a book that has been cut into sheets by the automatic feeding method into the scanner. The problem is also money. Automatic double side scanner seems so expensive. So, here is what I did with my my minimum investment.

1. Once I decided to cut the book for scanning, I could purchase bookstore prices between 110,000 won and 150,000 won. I bought 100,000 won from Gmarket. You can cut a book well.

2. Thos sheets are automatically fed through the scanner. My all-in-one printer has Hewlett-Packard scanner function. Purchasing high-speed double-sided scanner costs you over 500,000 won.

3. Scanned sheets are flipped and scanned for the other side. There is a program that merges two pdfs by shuffling each page. It is an open source program. There is also an open source program that removes unnecessary margins. This function is called shuffle. If the scanner doesn’t support automatic double-sided scan, you can combine two files using those programs. When you shuffle your cards, you divide them into halves and “shuffle” to mix cards . You can use the shuffle command. Because the second file is scanned from the last page in order, so you have to shuffle that file from the end page.

pdftk A=odd_pages.pdf B=even_pages.pdf shuffle A Bend-1 output collated_pages.pdf

I am using the latest version of Mac, but the download is not updated. Check this site for download if your are Mac user of new version.

4. I need to re-bind those sheets with bond and gauze. I bought 150,000 won book vice to hold for bonding.

5.I have uploaded those PDF files on my NAS so that they can be viewed whenever necessary. I use Synology, which I bought cheaply on my Hong Kong trip. If possible, it would be much more effective to carry the PDF of text with text recognition technology. I will confirm this information later and announce it.

You can scan a good book and carry it with the video below.

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