Addiction and unexpectedness

My way of thinking is generally sound, and I have a decisive criterion against drug and alcohol addiction. People in the entertainment world have a lot of these problems. On the other hand, it seem to be a drive for the artistic sensitivity. I happened to hear the song of Sia’s “Chandelier”. The atmosphere of the song was quite dark and I could feel some screaming soul in it. I heard that she has drug problem and alcohol addiction problem very seriously from which she barely recovered. When you listen to music that has such deep sorrow, you can experience a bit of the sense. How dangerous it sounds to “Swing on the Chandelier”.

It is amazing to find out the feeling is so different on the same song that sung by different person. The same song which the clown sings is amazing because of the voice and power. Perhaps also the image difference of clown and real song cause the hilarious unexpectedness.

Here is another singer who stimulates our emotions with the unexpectedness. Interview and singing is a complete reversal. 🙂

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