For my aging parents

The flowing time is like a arrow. Parents who have been treated me so well are already in their 80s. Walking gets uncomfortable and their energy is getting weaker. I woke up in the morning on last Sunday and there is a missing call at 1:30 AM from my father. I tried to return the call but no answers both on home phone and cell phone.

From Daejeon to Seoul, I ran for two hours and arrived at my parents’ house. As I walked in, I found  they were watching TV quietly. When I asked for the reason of the call, my father told me he was going to ask me how to tex in Kakao Talk, saying he didn’t know if the time was 1:30 AM.

It would be hard for me to come up to Seoul like this every time, so I installed one CCTV. I persuaded my parents because they did not like to be watched. I bought two Xiaofang from Gmarket, one in the living room and one in the dining table so that I can always see the medicine boxes. You can buy a Xiaofang from 20$ to 30$. If you have wireless internet, it is easy to set up. I took 8 hours to install …. 🙁  I went through the internet and checked why it did not work to find out the wireless internet did not work well at home. After all, my LG phone is another problem .. 🙁  Attention is necessary for profile country setting should be mainland China. I could hear the voice around the camera and speak through the camera speaker by pressing the button. My parents always turns on TV loud, so speaker function does not help much. My sisters also can use my ID and install the app so that they can also watch. <Xiaofang installation method>

Another app I used for my parents is Teamviewer for smart phone. I used the Team Viewer to remotely teach my father how to use his smartphone. I installed Team Viewer Support on my Parent Phone and I was able to call my phone and remotely connect using my Team Viewer to operate my father’s cell phone. Now, if he has a problem with his smartphone, I can remotely work directly with him. Until now, I only used the mirroring function of Team viewer to record screen during e-learning, but this app can be used for my parents for remote control function. I am proud that my major can help me in very private life. Note that the Team Viewer support is fully functional in the Android system and can be manipulated directly. However, in the iPhone series, it is restricted to use the screen capture and chat. <How to use Team Viewer>

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