Using multi-screen to improve your competency

KVM Concept

I previously talked about using Synergy to control different computers with a single keyboard / mouse. Synergy is a great way to replace your KVM (Keyboard, Videon, Monitor) switch to software switch that can be used to connect multiple computers. picture below is the method I use. I used iMac and Macbook pro with a single keyboard and mouse using Synergy. Of course, if you are using a secondary monitor on each computer, you can use the additional screen without any problems. My MacBookPro uses the second monitor and the iPad’s Duet app as a third monitor, which works well with Synergy.

Recently, I’m interested in using a computer or tablet as a second monitor for another computer. On iPad Pro, Duet is available app for transform my iPad pro into second monitor for Mac computers. (I think it will also be a applicable to iPad) I wished to use my Android tablet as a second monitor.  I tried to investigate on the Mac and found out that it is hard to find for Mac but for Window OS, there is an app called Spacedesk.

My Window OS runs on Parallels in my MacBookPro as a virtual machine, which sometimes intercepts external interfaces like USB-drive or screen-connection devices. The solution is to suspend the parallels for a while and connect them. After reactivating Window OS, it runs OK.

In the hot summer like these days, iMac has generated a lot of heat, so I looked for a way to use the iMac as a secondary monitor in the hope that it might reduce the burden of CPU….  

Thunderbolt cable was expensive. After connecting the cables, you can use the second monitor simply by pressing the Cmmand-F2 key on your iMac. But this method didn’t solve the heating problem. iMac still genrats heat. Steve Jobs may be good at creativity, but I think Mac computers’s heating  problem is a serious engineering design problem of Apple.

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