Human vs. Cats & Dogs

I know that politicians and people of two parties in Korea  are not friendly. I just wonder what the end of that hatred is. It seems to be fighting an endless struggle to let out the emotional hatred that has built up in the depths of oneself rather than the positive motivation to find better solutions.
There are many people who can not reconcile themselves with one’s own. Mostly they insist they are up in the front of so-called “ism”s. If you can not reconcile with yourself, you can not reconcile with others. And the relationship between people should be ultimately cares about each other’s development and happiness. I really wonder if we are doing it right for those things. In some ways, it seems to have a relationship worse than the relationship of a dog or a cat, which has been known worst. In the video they looked very peaceful and friendly.

I am also suspicious that the cat in the following video lost or conceded to the chicken. 🙂

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