GPS: Taking care of family

I used to use a location tracking app recently to check the position of each other while bike riding with my son. I think it would be good to install a location tracking system on my father’s mobile phone to prevent lost. From the internet, I was recommend the following apps.

Familo – the pinnacle of cross-platform tracking apps
Most favorite app. Continuously updated with neat material design and faithful performance.

Geojira is also a powerful app. The app is also cross-platform and the test results are very stable and accurate.

If you want a well-proven method for a long time, there is Glimpse. This app is ideal for friends or groups of companies who want to temporarily share their locations only temporarily. You can temporarily share your location for up to 4 hours at a time.

Life 360 
This is an app that I have tried for bike riding with my son. I was able to monitor my son’s location continuosely, I used it for free.

It says confirm the position of the other person relatively easily … 🙁 It does not seem so much. I will try to use it.

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