Moodle course as a Mindmap

  • Moodle is famous for its complex interface. I do not blame Moodle for it. From 2002 onwards, it is unfair to ask simplicity considering the demands of numerous field, reflection of the constructivism philosophy, and implementation of various functions,
    In the past, I had an idea of putting Moodle’s required functions into nodes of OKMindmap. It is starting to get a shape today. Please refer to the videos that implement the following functions, and the service can be checked for free with OKMM account. This allows you to make all of Moodle’s functions look like simple mindmap nodes.
  • Moodle’s diverse learning activities, resources, and features mapped into nodes with links
  • One account integration between OKMindmap and Moodle with a complete SSO
  • Changes in linked Moodle courses are automatically reflected to the associated OKMindmap
  • Moodle nodes are compatible with usual plain OKMindmap nodes
    The video below shows how to use this feature.

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