Is the fourth industrial revolution a big deal?

Fourth industrial revolution around is a hot issue these days. They say people have to study the code, learn to drive the drones, and interested in robots. It may sound paradoxical, but I think the Fourth Industrial Revolution is no big deal.
I agree with the opinion that everything in the classics has already been completed and that everything in the world has already been invented. For example? Do not look at the video below as a classical performance, but what do you think of it as a game? Isn’t it phenomenal?

It’s a great game, isn’t it? The classic piano playing was a great game:) Let’s talk about 4C, the 4th Industrial Revolution competencies.

Communication and Collaboration have been important for a long time. Human relationships are getting more important and ways of collaborating will be diversified. Recognition of the importance of the people and the classical values of warmth, caring and dignity will be succeeded. Critical thinking and Creativity are in the same context. Will this innovative thinking and creative thinking come as a product of code training? I think it comes from reading. All kind of events and logical thinking in the world, beautiful expressions, interesting stories, paradoxes, reversals, creative ideas … These things already existed in the book as a big heritage of humankind. It may be converted into eBooks or reflected on YouTube video, but its roots and ways will not change much from the classical version.

There are those who want to emphasize that these things are new. But new content, services, and solutions in the new era will be rediscovered and refreshed. No falling from the sky.

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