Using Spanish Rachel-PI with Intranet

I also downloaded and installed the Spanish version of Rachel-PI. This includes the Guatemalan education curriculum and training materials. Many Central and South American countries use Spanish, so the Spanish version is very meaningful in this regard.
The videos of Khan Academy are also included and provided as mp4, so it is possible to use this address as an H5P module in Moodle installed on the intranet even when the internet is not available. I am thrilled to be able to use these valuable materials on the intranet in the absence of the Internet.

Once again …

Installation method is here.

If you do not know the local IP of Rachel-PI because you do not have a separate monitor and keyboard, you can get the local IP of Rachel-PI by following the procedure below. (Sorry Korean, but basically use “ifconfig” and “nmap”.

Use “ifconfig” to determine the representative IP of the connected network. After that use following command to find connected intranet IP addresses.

nmap  -sn  

Access the address you find through your web browser.

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