Cheap 3D Printer and Aliexpress assistance

I teach how to use a 3D printer, and always struggling to maintain a 3D printer. I found that the 3D printer price went down to $ 139. It’s the Anet a8 model. Users needs to assemble, but it is better for students to learn while assembling on the principles and mechanism of 3D printer. In the next semester, I will purchase a set of ten, assemble, and let my students to assemble them. When they finished assemble, they can print their own three-dimensional work. When you order from Ali Express, there is a Chrome app called Ali Express Assistant, which can track price and shop information. With this feature, I will be able to buy product efficiently when making purchases at Ali Express. It is also shown on the video on how to assemble Anet a8 on the Internet. It’s a good world.

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