For all fathers of the world

It is a collection of images of powerful fathers. Is love for a child different for mom and dad? I am very much interested in having and raising children because of my late marriage. When my father visited me, he was very sorry for seeing his grand daughter sleeping on my belly because she was hard to fall in sleep. I think my father could not understand it as a patriarchal Korean father. I also had a memory of the first daughter crying all the way on the train going to Seoul. I did not know that it was hard when I was raising my fascinating daughters even though they are trouble makers who litters every napkins and spoons in the restaurants.

Rather, the youngest son seems to have grown up in more silence. It was another joy of me to watch the children growing up. But now, when I look at my photos of those days, I feel pity on myself suffering from sleepless and exhaustion.

The video reminds me of my old days of raising up.

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