Nicaragua eLearning using OSS

I visited Nicaragua in this January. I was told that Nicaragua is the safest country in Central and South America. But when I visited it, US economic sanctions gave it a hard time and was a little unsafe. It reminded me of Colombian visit five years ago, I stayed almost inside of hotel during the visit likewise.

Latin American people are very optimistic enjoying easy lives. Although the way of thinking is different, it seems to me that there are a lot of things to learn from them to appreciate life itself.

This project is designed to select elementary and middle school teachers (master teachers) so that they can train other teachers. I taught them how to use Moodle and OER materials. It was not only one-time presentation of mine, but I need to constantly contact and orient my master teachers so that they can write a lesson and teach it themselves for other trainee teachers.

What was surprising is that Nicaragua had been preparing Moodle for years to make it available to all schools. And for the school where the Internet is not available, they planned a way to utilize the data with the local Intranet. It was exactly the same way that I researched and concluded while doing e-learning consulting in Cambodia last year. The application of open source solutions, contents, and services seems to be the right answer for e-learning utilization in developing countries. I am happy being in the right track.

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