Visiting 2019 Japan Moodlemoot

I went to Japan Moodle moot in early March. Although I have been trying to spread Moodle in Korea for a long time, my body and mind have become very depressed with various bitter experiences. I know that I am not a great donator, but willingly in the spirit of sharing good thing. That was my drive for 19 years since I first started to open source in academia and business.

I knew that people are greedy, but I saw someone who insisted to help me with the Moodle business ending with snatching business opportunity and deprivation of technololgy with the intention of destroying the opponent. The disappointment of people seems to be the scariest. Moreover, as time went on, I was deeply saddened to see that Korea’s Moodle business was much distorted. I saw the open-source spirit contaminated by the desire of a certain individual and the abnormal business spirit.

This visit to Japan revived me the spirit of 15 years ago. Perhaps if the Korean Moodle community developed normally with no such incidents, it would have become a much more valuable and fruitful status of Moodle than Japan’s current Moodle Moot.

With the reviving spirit, I decided to complete my dreams on Moodle. I am dreaming of holding MoodleMoot in Korea with many of my old community members and many domestic Moodlers who are using Moodle. I also met Martin, founder of Moodle, and talked. I also talked about the problems of Korean Moodle market. He said he visited Korea just before coming to Japan.

Martin Dougiamas
Prof. Harashima 와 함께

Happy Moodling now? I will see you in short.


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  1. Teacher, not all beggining are goods, sometimes take a long process to reconigze the good ideas, have a good time teaching moodle.

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