Becoming the President for Society of eLearning

I will be the president of the e-Learning Society from the coming September. I still think I am not that qualified for it, but I had accepted it because I thought there are many works to be done by my experience on e-learning and humbly accepted the request of the multitude. I hope you will support me with a lot of help.

In fact, e-learning is not my major. My major is electricity, automatic control, CAD / CAM. The bachelor degree in electrical engineering, the master is in control engineering, and the doctor is in the field of manufacturing, a complex interdisciplinary program of electrical and computer engineering in US. None of them are related to education. After receiving a degree in the United States in 1992, I taught Electrical machinery, which is one of the subjects with which many students have difficulties. To help students, I developed the content as a part of the simulation that uses Flash and Java to help them to understand during the lesson. The students presented this work to a newspaper contest and received the silver medal with the title of “Easy-to-learn electric device”.

I tried to develop an internet quiz system with the intention of ​​letting students see the quiz on the Internet, and I started a venture company with government support. To uploaded and managed my content, naturally, I needed LMS and I used Moodle, which was born in the early 2000s, and I have used it for over 15 years. Freemind is an open-source solution, which I used as a mind map tool. I think it would be better to use it on the Internet. I planned and developed the OKMindmap and operate the service free of charge since 2010. A lot of users visit. I opened my Electrical Machinery course published an open textbook on the Internet, too. The open textbook is ranked number one in Korean Google search on the electrical machinery keywords, and user visit count is similar to OKMindmap. Yesterday I received an email from the user thanking me.

I love my Kongju University. Everything was possible because I wanted to teach my students well. I always gave more priority in teaching classes rather than outside activities and advisory activities. I am sorry to say that Kongju Nationa University still doesn’t use Moodle and I did not get a good course evaluation score from my student. 🙁 It seems that students also want to be loved more than technical assistance. Looking back these days, I feel my love for students is less than my responsibility for work.

When I reflect on my past, I found that e-learning occupies most of my life. I think I was lucky on my job because they are mutually fulfilling and supplement perfectly.

So, I would like to do well in the president role for e-Learning Society. And if I am capable, I would like to do good for everybody’s benefit, I am sure that this wouldn’t be possible without your support and concern.

Thank you.

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  1. That is great techer Ho, I know you are a amazing teacher and maybe in the future your university use moodle, because is a excellent tool for the teachers, learn about e-learning is a long way, because the information about this is big, I hope you will be a amazing president of elearning society.

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