3D Printer for 180$

I have been teaching 3D printers to students in fusion courses since three years ago. I bought five 3D printers worth 2,000 $  and most of them broken down so quickly, so I could not make the students practice properly because of the operating printers were so few.

I think that there should be a cheap 3D printer, so I searched for it. Luckily, I found Anet A8 is worth of 180$ for a unit, and ordered thirteen units and using them for this semester class.

There is a lot of resources on the internet, so I wrote the information at the Moodle forum and asked the students to assemble them. I tried to find a video that did not contain many voices because my student’s English was short. The materials are so nice.

Anet A8 3D Assembly


Below is a video for students to assemble and produce printouts. Well, I think it would be a useful product for educating 3D printing.

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