Open source software for Education (2)

Preparing a lecture for on open source software for Serbian official servant and educators, I was able to find good material while I was re-examining recent trends. Open source software started with Linux, but it has become a business method as well as spreading to other software development beyond Linux. We call it the spirit of open, collaborative, shared, world-class activities named as “wikinomics” by Don Tapscott. Beyond software, we can now see this open source paradigm (wikinomics) spreading to sharing content (OCW), sharing services (MOOC), and even sharing hardware like Arduino, Raspberry PI, and 3D printer technologies. There are two types of open source software: desktop applications and server solutions. There are many ways to use it in education. I recommend using VirtualBox and PortableApp in developing countries and where software infrastructure is not well-developed. By installing Edubuntu on VirtualBox, they can use a variety of educational software from Edubuntu on any OS, PortableApp is a realization of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) that can run instantly on USB memory.

This will enhance the usage of OSS in the educational sector. Also, the specific OSS application and solutions are referred to in this PPT.

Happy, OSS!

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  1. Great teacher Im looking for a raspberry pi to try to install rachell pi, and a board arduino but here is very difficult, but always I am looking for news open source resource, thanks.

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