Moodle’s real-time quiz monitoring and quiz improvement function

Quiz based class process

I used Moodle’s quiz response monitoring function to monitor the learnuing by letting the learners solve the quiz during the class and monitor them. The Moodle quiz response result screen is not updated automatically, so it is troublesome to update the browser screen whenever necessary by clicking, but there is no big problem in monitoring the learning. Quiz use The important process in the class process is as follows.

  • Among the learners, there are learners who solve the quiz problem quickly. Prepare a variety of learning activities for those who are quick to quiz and those who are late. For example, students who complete a quiz will be given additional learning activities such as organizing their notes or making additional questions hand out, and students who fail to complete the quiz during class time should complete the quiz after class. Since learners tend not to concentrate on the lesson in order to complete the quiz if they do not complete the quiz, it is also necessary to deactivate the quiz activity so that the quiz activity can not be accessible during the teaching after the quiz activity session.
  • For learners who spend a long time in a particular item, they often misunderstand the quiz and waste time. These learners should be instructed to give occasional instruction during the lessons through personal or holistic notation to help them understand the question. These learners tend to concentrate on quizzes in order to keep pace with their progress and often fail to concentrate on explanations of the professor during class.
  • Encourage learners to solve each other’s quiz by helping each other. By encouraging cooperation and discussion in this way, the learning attitude changes proactively and actively, and the motivation and achievement of learning increase.
  • If necessary, it is also desirable to provide an environment in which videos can be prepared and supplemental learning can be made for learners with poor basic math ability and learning ability.

Process for quiz item improvement

For item analysis, the items are improved in the following way.

  • The problems of the items found in the class are reflected immediately after class or after class.
  • After the class, examine the quiz structure in the statistics of quiz management and check the items with low discrimination power. These questions can be identified and solved by the learners because they may misunderstand the meaning of the item or there may be an unintentional trap or an error in a quiz.

  • If the problem of the question is not clarified in the previous step, the learner can click on the response result on the learner’s response screen to check each step of the learner’s response. In this process, it is possible for the students to analyze the wrong answers entered by the learners and identify any problems. As you can see in the figure, you can see that “95” is the answer in the first attempt of one learner and “3.54” is the wrong answer. Identify the errors of the learner and check the learner’s errors to improve the item.

This is the video on Youtube. It is only in Korean.

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