Convergency technology education

Recently, we use a lot of expressions of terms; convergence and creativity. I would say that the ability of convergence and creativity comes from our knowledge backed up from various fields. those terms are claimed to be the core of the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution.

In fact, creativity comes from what we already know. Creativity develops as you continually combine and connect previously existing things or concepts. There are also patterns in creativity, which is well explained in TRIZ.

I have been asking my students to use mechanical structures and electrical devices together to create and construct something in my class, which will utilize diverse knowledge of students, deepening their understanding. I am pretty sure that these activities will increase their creativity. They can understand not only the behavior of mechanics and electricity independently, but also connecting and integrating things together. The name of the classes are CAD, Simulation, and Integrating class. As 3D printers become more common, it is easier to implement these ideas in the classes. As I mentioned in the previous blog, I bought five 3d printers with a price of $ 2,000, and within a couple of months, all the 3D printer were destroyed. So I bought $  160 3D printers and asked to use it as a team of 3 people.

The quality of the printer is not so good, but they managed to make something. But I can not bring out the result of my intention. It would be better to make it myself in this summer vacation. Below is a video of my students’ work.

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  1. Nice Work Teacher,I would like to ask if you can make another post of Convergency in education, I really apreciatte this.

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