Serbia and Moodle

On Monday, we trained IT professionals from the education sector in Serbia. This training was a part of the KOICA project held by the Korea National Open University and is mainly conducted as an invitation training program.
I had the relaxed pleasure in preparing the lecture because I heard that I had a Serbian interpreter, unfortunately, I heard that it was changed to proceed with the English interpreter because of some problem. In fact, I was a bit worried because I could not go fast in lecture because of the process of translation occupies a lot of time.

So, I lectured in English and it seemed OK to proceed. For lecturers, it is like the hell when the listener is not able to communicate or not listening well. So I bought 32GB of USB memory for 10 learners, installed open source on Portable App and told them I will give it to just one of the highest quiz scoring student. I prepared a Google quiz. I was able to maintain concentration for two hours 🙂

After a couple of hours of lecture, I told them I really appreciated their attention and told all of them can keep the USB memory, the learner ‘s concentration has flown away. I think I have motivated them for two hours with USB memory at least. The price is only $5. It left the space even after I installed so many Portable App programs. So, I downloaded the VirtualBox executable file, and put the Edbuntu I normally use into the VM and copied it to USB memory too, so that they can install VM on their computer later and enjoy Ubuntu.

The use of Portable App and the use of Edbuntu on Windows or Mac using VirtualBox have already been covered in other blogs. If you need this updated Portable App, you can download it here and install it on your USB stick. The Ubuntu VM I made is here for download.

During the rest of the lecture, a female professor (from the fifth to the left of the photo) came to me and talked that Serbia has been doing MoodleMoot since 2011 and she is glad to meet another Moolder (Me)  here in Korea. I envied that many Moodle-related projects are going on nationwide. Even though I have been talking about 15 years, Moodle still has little awareness in Korea and MoodleMoot is beginning stage to organizing. now.

I remember the advertisement on TV, just like it I would like to say “Moodle is really good, it is so good …. I can not explain this in words …”  If I would have been a senator, would they listen to me?

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  1. Nice Strategy teacher, I feel great to hear you are in the better way, I give you my better wishes.

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