eLearning for emergency(5): Importance of using tools

It seems to be a lot of people who think that online classes are unreliable. If you look at the current guidance for online class from the Ministry of Education, you can find amendment such as how many hours a professor has to produce a video, and learners stay time on the video should be more than specified time. No wonder online classes from such a wrong perspective are insecure.Personally, I don’t think video watching time is not important. This logic is similar like you go to library and I would measure your grade by sitting time there. The problem is sitting time is not important, but how effective learning engagement is important.

For video, it is even better to put curated quizzes than measure video watching time. There is a several curation service, and Moodle has a good curation tool called H5P as a plug-in, so you can select a good video from YouTube, provide that video url to the H5P activity, and insert quizzes on specific time of the video. The score goes to grade book of Moodle. Please refer to my blog below for further information.

Link: Using external video for my class

It is also very important to use smart eLearning tools. For example, using a simulator in math or science provides an opportunity for learners to come up with new concepts while imagining different situations rather than hearing explanation on the subject one way. Using tool make class very active. See the description of Geogebra and links to other math tools. In addition, educational tools can be used with various open source solutions (especially Ubuntu based), so it would be a good idea to review the link.

I teach three subjects this semester. Among them, the experiment of electric equipment was a lab course, so I was worried about how to teach it. I looked for it because I might have a simulation tool, too … I found it! It can be web-based, and the interface is as follows.

It could also be used as an installable application. (Unfortunately, it is commercial software) It seems that the students’ satisfaction is also high. We share the case of the class using the installable application simulator. You can also do hands-on training.

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