Attractions of Math OSS: Octave and Ubuntu (2)

The symbolic operation enables us to calculate the math formula by symbolic expression.  To solve a equation, user only need to provide a symbolic form of expression to get the answer.
This function is provided free on For example, if a user want to solve the equation below.

The user need to input  x^2+4x+9=0 in, and can get the answer like bellow.

Well, this site gets slow sometimes and asks for registration. I decided to find symbolic function of Octave. Luckily, there was “symbolic” package I can use. I was able to use it even though it is a bit more complicated compared to

This is the way to solve the system of equations.

Maxima is also open source software specialized in symbolic operations. On Ubuntu, it comes in a package called WxMaixma. The following figure shows how to integrate. You can see that we find the formula for the negative integral.

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