eLearning for emergency(7): Online examination (2)

I would like to share my midterm testimonials from the last Covid-19 incident. The previous four considerations were presented, two were explained, and the other two are as follows.

    • You need to use various types of quizzes rather than multiple choice or true/false quiz.

This part is related to the functionality of the system (LMS). It is too absurd to ask a simple multiple questions, true/false, or short-answer question and hope that students don’t peep into other students’ answer sheets or share information about their answers on social media. Basically, every student’s quiz item must be different and there must be a meaningful interaction in solving the problem. Moodle or Canvas provide this functionality in their quiz activities. For example, formula quiz can create different parameterized values ​​for each student. In the case of drag and drop, the correct answer is accepted only by dragging the problem to the specific position with the mouse. If you install Moodle’s Coderunner plugin, you can publish a program  quiz and see what output it produces correctly for the input. In particular, various questions on the Moodle quiz support these environments properly. Below is a video explaining the quiz feature of Moodle.

Below is more about Moodle quiz kind. (Sorry, it is Korean)

Moodle has a function that prohibits the use of other programs when running a quiz by using a plug-in called SEB (Safe Exam Browser) and allows you to proceed with the test on a full screen. If you use these tools, you will be able to monitor your online classes with greater security.

I uploaded a video to conduct an online test. In the ZOOM, I took the midterm exam using the Canvas and Moodle quiz.

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