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Last week, we successfully completed the 2020 Autumn E-Learning Conference. The program can be viewed at This broadcast used a method of exporting the contents to YouTube streaming while conducting a video conference between panels with Zoom. Here’s how we did it.

  • Secure Zoom and YouTube account.
  • Open YouTube Streaming..

As “Connect your streaming software to start streaming in real time.” message appears, it enters the streaming service standby state.

  • Clicking “Live on YouTube” in Zoom’s “More” menu  will find an open stream and start broadcasting.

  • It is also possible to upload or play videos on YouTube in advance. In this case, make sure to select “Share computer sound” when sharing, so that audio is delivered.

Some of the presenter were asked to upload a video to YouTube before the conference, the Youtube video was played , and then asked for 10 minutes presence to Zoom for Q&A. Two management personnel participated to facilitate contact and zoom access. The roles, preparations, and procedures to be performed are as follows.

  • Items to prepare: 2 computers, 1 phone (one is for streaming, with high computer specifications and must be connected with a wired LAN, the other is a wired LAN connection as much as possible with a computer to be used when the moderator or presenter participates on the spot, and additional YouTube streaming monitoring, pad or smartphone can be used, a second monitor is recommended for the computer, and a broadcast microphone or noise canceling headset (when there are multiple speakers) is required.
  • Set up your streaming environment by following the previous procedure
  • In the case of on-site presenters, it is necessary to proceed with the set-up zoom, and to secure a waiting room for the on-site presenters.
  • In the case of a YouTube broadcaster, the video is broadcasted by the manager 1, while broadcasting a video with the Facebook Messenger and KakaoTalk, the manager 2 sends a Zoom address requesting the presenter to wait 10 minutes Q&A session after the Youtube presentation play. Sharing contact information using online sheet such as Google Sheets is very useful. Administrator 1 should be given Zoom Host privileges.
  • Chairpersons are also encouraged to participate through Zoom remotely. Moderators, presenters, managers and other panels can enter the Zoom
  • Monitoring YouTube live broadcasts while continuing to monitor them with other computers or smartphones
  • Monitoring YouTube live broadcasts while continuing to monitor them with other computers or smartphones
  • Emergency call (or SNS) response must be available 24 hours (Manager 2 handles emergency calls while broadcasting)
  • Assuming the whole situation, manager 2’s rehearsal practice is required
  • Preparation is required from about an hour and a half before the beginning time

The following is a video of the results of this conference. We should have used a pause function for streaming, but we are afraid of ending session and continued up to 8 hours in a row, since it was automatically recorded and safe to leave it that way. It is too long to edit online on YouTube editor, because it is too long. Next time I think I will have to cut and run the streaming.

The previous content was produced as a video. I attached caption in English and Spanish for the friends abroad.

If you go to , you can download the conference website code from Code’s “Download Zip”.

Improvements: Currently, the channel is made up of two, and each time a live broadcast is in progress, we change the settings of “Preparing” and “On air”, and the YouTube streaming URL is also modified in the code. In addition, the word “LIVE” in the “Real-time forum participation” menu in the left sub-menu is also applied as a style to change the code. It would be nice if the administrator could easily input and change this part through a dialog or selection window.

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