Smart device screen sharing using USB (SCRCPY)

Computer remote screen sharing is possible using TeamViewer or Chrome Remote Desktop. In my case, there is a lot of need for screen recording, so it is very convenient to share screens of heterogeneous computers. The way to share the screen of peripheral devices (this method is sometimes replaced by the word “mirroring”, but not a general expression) is also possible with TeamViewer.

The free version of TeamViewer (free for individual users) can be used, but there are many people who do not like TeamViewer that much. They seemed to worried that security or personal information may be exposed to a company.

Not long ago, I discovered an open source peripheral sharing program called scrcpy, and its performance is quite reasonable. Moreover, it can be used on PC Windows, Mac computers, and Linux computers. Only Android devices can be shared, and Apple iPhone iPads are not possible. In my case, I use QuickTime Player for screen sharing of Apple peripherals.

There is also the advantage of being able to open the screen by sharing multiple Android peripheral devices, and we recommend that you use it as a very useful programming. However, we are constantly checking how to deal with the Korean keyboard input problem. If you access the homepage, detailed instructions are provided. I made a video related to this below. It was produced purely using OBS and personally built cheap studio in my room.

I prepared English and Spanish captions. Please, enjoy them.

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