Online Class Model (Ongoing Class Model)

This is my paper about new online class model under Covid-19 environment. English and Spanish captions are available.


The method of classifying lectures before Corona was divided into online, offline, and blended. Now, it has changed into a unique lecture environment that is conducted only by online. Now, we are talking about synchronous and asynchronous classification methods as the mainstream differentiation. Asynchronous online class means conducting online classes by recording videos and uploading them on the platform, and synchronous online class usually means real-time video conferencing using Zoom. But actually, now we need an integrated online class model in which all technology and methods are integrated and organically connected. In this paper, we propose an online class model in the Covid-19 environment. In the model, the synchronous and asynchronous activities are unified, the role of the instructor’s content prosumer is emphasized, open source solutions are utilized, LMS monitoring capability are maximally utilized, various technologies are adopted, learner’s emotional sensibilities are considered. This instructional model enables organic linkage of instructor’s activities before, during, and after class. We will explain specific methods and techniques for actual application cases with tools and processes.

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