ICDE 2022 Presentation

ICDE (International Council for Open and Distance Education) is an association of Open Universities in charge of distance education worldwide and holds an annual event. I had the honor of presenting as a speaker to the heads of Open universities and working staff from each country.

The content announced on January 20 was presented under the theme of “Improving quality education using EdTech: sustainable enrollment and personalized learning strategies” under the sub-topic “Open Eudtech”. I mainly presented an introduction to how I conducted my classes.

I’m always a proponent of using open source solutions and services in the classroom, and this presentation is not far out of this category. In addition to Tubestory and Moodle, I also mentioned the use of Gather Town and Mozilla Hub, which are metaverses that are getting a lot of attention these days. I created a 30-minute presentation and share it separately. This video was made at home with personal equipment, and tools such as Snap Messenger and OBS described in the following book were used.

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