Making Roblox Engineering Game

Since last year, I have developed a program by studying Roblox features. I feel pathetic even after looking at the program I wrote… This time, using ChatGPT, I could quickly implement various effects by changing the client part to a server script. Productivity seems to be about 50 times better. We will explain further how we developed it with ChatGPT later. For now, I will first share how the program works.

Here is a video explaining the game’s procedure. It consists of 5 steps, and you can perform various activities such as touch, click, and restore. You can try running the game from the following URL.

The reaction of students is explosively positive… We also share class videos. Next, I will share the development process with chatGPT.

The above contents enable effective classes on electrical devices along with the Learning by doing method using Geogebra.

The advantage of using Geogebra is that learners can learn while practicing in a web browser. The following link is a mind map list of development items that can be used for learning electrical equipment.

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