What is the problem with Web hosting provider?

I’ve been using two different web hosting providers, Garbia and SiteGround. On Gabia, I used to subdomain http://blog.modulestudy.com, http://blogk.modulestudy.com, and http://wiki.modulestudy.com. Because Gabia manages http://modulestudy.com. But suddenly, one day, they didn’t work.

Those two service providers are insisting they are not responsible. I would like to verify what is wrong with it. I configured it this way on Gabia.

I got a not-safe error for connecting any subdomains—for example,  https://blogk.modulestudy.com. I proceeded with the risk of an unsafe connection. I finally got the following screen.

And this,

But the straight IP address of contacted OK. The subdomain seems not to be working.

What could be the problem? I even paid for static IP name service from Siteground.


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