Comparison between Bard and chatGPT

In the era of generative AI, there was an article saying that the popularity of chatGPT had withered. The causes include the claim that the direct user access rate has decreased due to the increase in attempts to relay services using direct APIs, and the claim that this is due to the emergence of other competitive services. While I was curious, I tried using Bard and compared and analyzed it. Since it is an extremely subjective analysis, I would like you to read my blog at the level of believing in the response of generative AI. 🙂

In conclusion, Bard is good for clear answers using the latest Internet information, but when the depth of the question deepens, Bard shows its limitations. Since e-learning is my calling, I asked Bard for LMS comparative analysis data. chatGPT always has a clue that it is data until 2021. Bard’s response to the LMS comparison analysis was:

Bard has clearly summarized the answer. I’m curious about the market share, so I asked.

I love it. When I asked to write it as a chart, Bard got lost, so I made it into a chart myself in Excel.


Is the data correct? Only in North America, Canvas is deformed, and Moodle is used worldwide. That is what I know.

I asked Bard to make a blog article with two responses. Kindly listens well…  Check out our [blog about LMS comparisons].

But this time, I asked for a little bit of professional knowledge. My university uses Canvas, and I asked by mail for it to be integrated with Moodle, which I personally run, using LTI. In the returned mail, it said I personally have to pay for the detailed and new features to use. In open source, I agree that the source is free, but the service provider can operate the service for a fee. However, if you already got paid and operate the service, it seems correct to allow you to use the basic functions. Did I misunderstand?

I’m afraid of personal paying, but I’m still willing to research the resources and give them a guide. Could I also ask for an advisory fee? Then, wouldn’t it be in monetary equivalence? 🙂 Basically, I had already sent the LTI linking method as an attachment to the first school email, but I decided to add more for them. When I asked about the procedural environment setup method for LTI integration, Bard showed limitations.

Bard is refusing to do it cleanly. It feels like the returned e-mail. In contrast, chatGPT tells how to do it. It shows that chatGPT has been studied properly.

I’m trying to organize this content and send it as advisory content. I put it in the [following blog].

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