Ethiopia the place of coffee (1)

Did somebody say that the purpose of the trip is to return to the original place? The visit to Ethiopia happened by chance and awakened my instinct to travel after the past three years. The second campus of Korea University of Technology (Koreatech University) is within walking distance of the Cheonan campus of Kongju University, where I work. Koreatech University has carried out many overseas projects. It has experience conducting online training in several countries, including Rwanda, with my participation via Zoom at the second campus.

This has been happening intermittently for a long time, to the point that I can hardly say who introduced it and when. (That doesn’t mean I did it many times…) Around October of last year, I got a call from Professor P at KoreaTech University asking if I could go on a business trip to Ethiopia for a month. As this was my first time talking on the phone, I didn’t have the budget, so when I asked if it was possible to schedule a time slot for a level 3 expert, I answered, “Yes.” Other project team members may have recommendations. After all, you have to work hard regularly!

Through several meetings, I heard that KoreaTech University has over 20 years of overseas business experience supporting vocational training in developing countries. I have also been doing overseas business since 2013, starting with the CLMV project in Southeast Asia. This is my 11th year, and I can say that the past 20 years have been truly amazing as I have contributed to vocational training and education.

Finally, on the day of departure… As I get older, my teeth suffer. I had three implants because my teeth were cracked, but why do they always cause problems at awkward times and places. My implant teeth have been shaking since a week ago before I left the country. I had all three implants done at different places. Still, the one that was shaking was done in Daejeon, so I asked a dentist nearby my house to have it tightened, and he told me to go to the dentist who implanted them. I was lazy from day to day and eventually went to Daejeon on the morning of my departure. Please refer to the Google map below for my magnificent, wobbly, tooth-tightening odyssey.

Based on long experience, it is said that KoreaTech University provides separate business class matching funds from the research institute. The significance of this is that when I went to Addis Ababa on business, I had a mysterious experience where there was almost no jetlag due to boarding the plane. The airport lounge is also business for free, so there is no need to use the “The Lounge” app, which I used separately. After eating comfortably in the lounge, resting my legs, and sleeping on business, Addis Ababa Airport welcomes me. What is this? They even danced to welcome me?:)

I have already been to Rwanda three or four times in Africa. Since I always transited through Addis Ababa Airport, I always wanted to stop by here someday. Addis Ababa International Airport reminds me of the old Star Wars desert cafe where various aliens gathered. Diverse races and exotic landscapes always strike me as surreal sights.

A welcome event for me this time?

I had not paid much attention to it before, but they say the Skylight Hotel is directly connected to the airport. It is a very expensive hotel.

I have a cheap four-star Reliance hotel. Why? If you stay at the Skylight Hotel, I will have to starve because my accommodation fee is paid in advance. Please refer to the map below for directions to the Reliance Hotel. This apartment-style hotel allows self-cooking, so I will have to use the cooking skills I have practiced for my lifetime over the coming month. I spent a busy day activating my cell phone and grocery shopping.

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