I’ve been using Moodle for 8 years and didn’t disappointed by it. Very stable and lots of supportive learning activities. Moodle is Modular Objective Oriented Dynamic Learning Environments. You can understand the meaning of this by watching this PPT.


This is how I use Moodle for my class. You can click the background and drag to move the map. The map will be shown best in Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. If you use IE, it can be very slow and some function doesn’t work. Select a node with mouse and press space bar to fold and unfold the child node. Click the red arrow to open a related url.

This mindmap tells you how other open source service can be integrated with Moodle, how to improve contents better using open source tools, and how to make your Moodle class full of various effective learning activities. I opened my 4 classes and willing to share if someone is interested in reusing my class. Please leave a comment for that. 

This is a video about the mind map. You can hear my explanation with voice.

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