Using YouTube video for my own class

I’ve been making some of my own teaching videos from 7 years ago. I uploaded them to YouTube or video servers. Sometimes, I used to utilize good video lectures made by other people. Recently, I am getting older, my lecture ability is falling down and I found there is a good lecture of others open on the Internet more and more. I would like to provide better lectures to my students and be a class facilitator or moderator myself. Continue reading “Using YouTube video for my own class”

Why music so touching to us?

The hearing is transmitted to the cochlea through the tympanic membrane, and a number of hair cells in the cochlea sense the frequencies of the different vibrations and transmit them to the thalamus. The signal delivered to the thalamus analyze the signal through the frontal lobe and repeat the feedback process recalling the memories and feelings accumulated in the hippocampus. Listening to music is a highly trained human emotional function in this sense. – The emergence of brain thought (Park Min Ho) –

So, that is the reason why I am touched….
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