Arduino Oscilloscope

Various types of oscilloscopes range from several hundred thousand won to several million won, depending on the specifications. In the field of electricity and electronics, it is essential equipment for experimental practice and research. These days, technologies that use Arduino to make their oscilloscopes are open to the public. Of course, there are limitations in performance and functionality, but it is possible to do basic experiments. Luckily, there are open technologies. Continue reading “Arduino Oscilloscope”

101 ways to use Moodle

I posted the contents of “101 ways to use Moodle,” published as a book on the wiki. If you find any topic interesting, check the number and click on the link far down in the Korean explanation to view the relevant information. The contents are in Korean, but Google translate will friendly convert them to English. Continue reading “101 ways to use Moodle”

Integrate different LMS courses and services using LTI

This is a paper I published for different LMS courses and service integration using LTI service. English caption is available.


Since the advent of the Covid-19 crisis, the production and use of online lectures has drawn attention. Even before the crisis, there had been a movement to share and spread online lectures through sharing systems such Continue reading “Integrate different LMS courses and services using LTI”