How I make a newsletter using voice recognition and Google translate

I have been working in the field of e-learning for a long time and have been publishing e-learning newsletters. When I had time, I published twice a week, and when I was busy I skipped for a few months, but the task of publishing an e-learning newsletter was a good opportunity to sort out the knowledge I know. We have been able to utilize the advancing technology to deliver more articles faster, and we are using speech recognition technology and Google translation to publish newsletters.
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There is something special about Minerva.

I recently had the opportunity to interview Ben Nelson, CEO of Minerva. Ben Nelson, the president of a successful venture company, was able to confirm that he started his business with his vision and insight in education. The reminder is that Minerva does not invest in gyms, buildings, or school properties. Minerva has invested to develop a good curriculum, recruited good professors, and developed instruction models using good teaching tools.
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Jumping rope with Xiaomi

You know that the exercise is very good for your health, but it is very hard to do it regularly when the schedule gets busy. I used to play basketball when I was young in United States. I can go to a gym and can play with anybody in the basketball court. it is very hard to find people or teams like that in Korea. I also like to swim, but when it gets cold it is tough to get in the cold water for a skinny like me, and also take a long time taking showers for In-N-Out. Continue reading “Jumping rope with Xiaomi”