LMS analysis by Bard

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Which Learning Management System is Right for You?

Learning Management Systems (LMS) are software platforms that help organizations deliver and manage online learning. They can be used to create and deliver courses, track student progress, and provide resources to learners. Continue reading “LMS analysis by Bard”

Mass Game; The two faces

Hook Them Horns

“It was originally used in gymnastics, but now it has been expanded to indicate what shows or performances are in groups, such as group guns or card sections.” Authoritarian groups tend to focus on mass games, It is the same thing that is overwhelmed by the position of the executive, but the pixel of the picture represented by the card section of North Korea immediately below is a person. But it is only one of many pixels, and when an individual’s personality is revealed during a monolithic movement, it is treated as an ‘error’. ” -from Wki- Continue reading “Mass Game; The two faces”