Amazing TinkerCAD for 3D Modelling

TinkerCAD is 3D modeller bought by AutoCAD. You can make 3D object very simply. It provides function of object subtraction by which you can subtract one object from other object to complete a shape. It can also import SVG file. Do you know OKMindmap also export file as SVG format. So, I tried export and import it from TinkerCAD, and do little extra work on that to make more 3D-like. So much fun for this.

TinkerCADEn01 from Won Ho on Vimeo.

Google Hangout, on Air: How to use it for my case (SNL)

Google service is great. Once, I was able to upload videos for free. Now it is possible to do video conferencing for free. In addition to that, the online broadcasting is also free. It is said the competency of Korea is the lowest among OECD member countries. I assume that it is because of inefficient social atmosphere in the old regime and communication problem. I heard that officials of Sejong government spends most of their time in KTX. What a waste of time and human resource. Continue reading “Google Hangout, on Air: How to use it for my case (SNL)”